Teacher’s Comments

I just wanted to take the opportunity before the close of June to say thank you for organizing the festival at Landsdowne Place. This was the first year we have participated and if I wasn’t retiring, I would be returning again and again. I can say, without a doubt, that every child in the Grandview choir was thrilled about participating. It showed in their faces. They were feeling such pride of accomplishment for weeks afterwards. Having an opportunity to share our musical talents outside our immediate community was a first for them and I know they will never forget it. That is what musical education should be about. Thank you once again!

E. Whelan

Grandview PS

“I just would like to take the time to thank you…the children enjoy the opportunity to showcase their talents to others.Thank you again for your support and patronage of the Arts. In this day and age, it is great to see businesses giving the education of children such tremendous support.”

L. Ruetz

Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Port Perry

“…the kids LOVED the festival! What an awesome opportunity!”

L. Funnell

St. Rose of Lima

“We want to Thank You and your team for the opportunity to share our love of music with others. Our choir just loved the Festival at Lansdowne Place in Peterborough. They were so pleased that ‘complete strangers’ would clap for them after a song! You put everyone at ease, it was such a relaxed atmosphere no one felt like they were put on the spot. We hope this Festival will continue for future years. The choir was already talking about next year.”

M. Williams

St, Mary, Grafton

“Just a (belated) note of thanks to you and your group for the Festival of Choirs from St. Jude C.S. in Ajax. The students were thrilled to have the opportunity to perform publicly, and honored to be invited back for the Saturday performance as well. The reaction of the students, staff and parents was extremely positive and supportive. The students walked away from both performances taller and prouder. The organization and positive reception and feedback to the students by you and your organization is phenomenal. The positive impact that it has on the students promotes participation in the program that educators are trying to establish and develop at our schools. This is only our second year participating, but I found a bit of growth in numbers from our initial year and a definite increased commitment among choir members. And, I must admit, it gives us a bit of a charge when we see it come together for a forum such as you provide us with through the festival.
Thanks to you, and to all your volunteers and committee members for allowing us the opportunity to ‘let our students shine’. We will definitely see you next year.”


St. Jude C.S, Ajax ON

“Thank you so much for hosting a wonderful festival of music. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing CCPS C3 (choral group) with our Band and Strings groups. From the moment we got there, we were made to feel welcome and appreciated. The host had a terrific way with the kids and his sense of humour helped keep the nerves down. It was fantastic to see mall goers checking out our performances from the upper level and the escalators, as well as from the audience seating. We stayed to see quite a few other groups perform with a highlight being the native drums group from Lakefield.”

Audra Lalonde

Cartwright Central P.S., Blackstock ON