Who We Are

Choirs Festivals Canada began with the notion that Elementary School Children love the opportunity to SHARE their music with family, friends and their Communities. We believe that our Children and our teachers can bring smiles to the faces of others, simply by coming outside of their classrooms and singing for others.

Choirs are little communities unto themselves. Their members share a very wonderful time together and build long-lasting memories for years to come. They have shown us over the many years of our productions in many locations that people of the communities feel very differently after hearing the songs and sharing the excitement of our festivals.

We made a very conscious decision to let the teachers and the students put together their own music, of their own tastes without being restricted. The Choirs are welcomed to be creative, inventive and to bring us any level of experience. We are truly blessed with having the opportunity to be involved in our small way with all of the schools that have joined us over the years.

As we build together, it is our hope that wonderful musical friendships will be continued with teachers and with students. We encourage schools to bring new ideas, to watch and to listen to each other and to respect one another.

We thank all of the choirs, the teachers, the administrators for having supported this effort for the many years that we have produced our festivals together.

Doug Pettigrew

Doug Pettigrew

Founder and Producer

President: In House Productions
Musician, writer and performer. Sound technician, recording producer, and stage manager.


  • Producer Choirs Festivals Canada 24 years
  • Producer Ecofest Barrie in partnership with City of Barrie
  • Producer Splash Water Festival in partnership with Ladies of the Lake
  • Producer Windfall Ecology Festival in partnership with Windfall Ecology Centre
  • Producer Celebration of the Arts in partnership with York Region Media Group

Judy Gilchrist

On-Site Coordinator / Administration

Pat Pettigrew

On-Site Coordinator / Administration

Dale Chappell

Coordinator With Schools

Dale has been with us for over 16 years. Her passion is to bring together choirs to be a part of our festivals. Dale’s family is dedicated to the arts through offering many support technical skills.

Currently spending most of her time with her grandchildren, Dale has given so much to our Festivals – you may just see her “pop in” to an event.

Eric Soostar

Sound Technician & All 'Round Good Guy